Cortlandt Manor

In the 1690’s Stephanus Van Cortlandt was granted what is now northern Westchester from the King William III. He built a manor house for himself in 1697, but unfortunately died in 1700. At that time, his land was divided up between his eleven surviving children.  

LOT #7

His son, Stephen, was given South Lot #7, which included Somers, Old Goldens Bridge, and south as far south as Woods Bridge Road in Katonah.

LOT #8

His daughter, Gertrude Beekman was given South Lot #8, which included Lake Katonah, Goldens Bridge Colony, Wild Oaks, and went as far east as Increase Miller Elementary School. 


Daughter, Margaret and husband Samuel Bayard, were given South Lot #9 which included Cross River, Flintlock Ridge, Mt. Holly, and as far south as parts of Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.