NYS DOT Update

by Jun 30, 2021News0 comments

The NYS DOT has issued their I-684 & I-84 Transportation Corridor Study Findings Report.  Their recommendations are listed on pages 25 & 26 of the study.  They include that during peak hours a peak hour shoulder should be used as a driving lane, a third lane be constructed on I-84 east of I-684 and the I-684/I-84 interchange be partially reconstructed, a third lane be added between exits 5 & 6 on I-684 and the I-684/Route 35 interchange be reconstructed as a DDI (diverging diamond interchange).  They are recommending that interchange “improvements” at exits 6A and 7 be further studied as a separate project.  Read the whole report here: I684 and I84 Study Findings Report June 2021 (1).


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