Pocket Park Update

by Aug 8, 2022News, Projects, Volunteer0 comments

Phase 1 of the Fairmount Road Pocket Park is progressing!  Our senior interns cleared invasives and built benches, steps, and a bike rack; or volunteers cleared weeds and moved branches and rocks; and we had the foundation professionally removed.  It’s been a busy spring/summer!  Our next steps are to plan and build the seating area.  We’d like benches, picnic tables, and a covered shade structure.  If you have any expertise in any area that might help us plan and/or build, please email GBHOvolunteer@gmail.com, we’d love to get your ideas!

In the meantime, until our seating and shade structures are installed, remember to protect your skin from the sun.  The American Academy of Dermatology has lots of great information for kids and adults both on their website: www.aad.org/public.  Or read their quarterly skincare magazine here.


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